Talented photographer, Olivier Attar is adept wide angle pictures with movement of the living, vibrant natural shots that reflect the magic of the moment shared.

Passionate about the first hour and practicing as a professional photographer for over 20 years, Olivier Attar will identify your style and take pictures of your report accordingly to your satisfaction
Having an eclectic career from the news agency pure reportage, to the events or studio portrait, exhibited his works in various forms outdoors or in a gallery, it applies that each picture is artistic.

Traveling widely, between Reunion, United States, North Africa and India, its base still remains the beautiful city of Cannes.

Our French Riviera is a magnificent and attractive region, so Corporate photography becomes a real pleasure for me to tell stories that are important to the movement. I invite you to see this : http://www.photographe-olivierattar-06.com/galeries/corporate/

I often say, an image is a gift, a story, a given time in a life, a page mark. Should we understanding this, however, when the image has become a product of great consomation, we take, we throw, we diffuse, then the second of visibility, the image is no more.

I have a high value for the image that tells us a story, the direction that the image industry takes I am worried about. We are the witnesses, the actors, the creators of this world.

I started photography with negative films, just to say that I known this  job for a long time, my strength is that I can move from a reporting of wedding, to a corporate reporting, to A shooting of a “Canaille” in studio, architecture photography, etc …… I am a professional photographer who adapts to all situations, I let you judge on the quality of the pictures that I ‘ Have put on my site.
You can also find other works on Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/olivierattarphotographecannesnicealpesmartimes/

At the time or the image is battered or respect of an image is not, I ask you to respect my work and do not use my images, thank you. It deserves to be said.