Exhibition : Ô

The Subject of Water and the Sea remains a photographic theme treated by many Photographer, Here I would make a link between earthly and the Divine.

Water is a vital element for Humanity, without Water we would not be……..

Water is constantly moving, Life is in motion, Photography is in motion, this static sensation is only illusory, there are things we can not see while they are there in motion.

These images of bridges is the symbolism of the movement, I let your imagination open to what it speaks to you.

I am giving you in this exhibition my vision, my work and my implication on the world through this element Ô. World that We mistreat, and that can be threatening, mysterious and unpredictable as wonderful and peaceful.

The choice of support and my presentation leaves you to think of painting, photography is both a revealing medium but also illusory. Everyone has his story, his education, his experiences and everyone has his imagination.

To let you believe in painting is here, a hoax, a fun and a proof that the truth about what we see needs to be worked and thoughtful.

The technique of long exposure allows us to capture what is hidden from us for 30 seconds to 5 minutes and the nature reveals itself, the eye sees only what is immediate, the photograph reveals what hid us.


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