Eric Ciotti

I’m a fan of wide-angle images for the expert; the 16-35mm is my friend, images with movement for lively shots, radiant with naturalness, which reflect all the magic of the shared moment.


Passionate from the start and practicing as a professional photographer for more than 20 years, I will be able to identify your style and take shots of your reportage accordingly for your greatest satisfaction.


Having an eclectic career going from the press agency to pure reporting, to events or studio portraits, I discovered culinary photography late in my professional life photographer, I exhibit my art photos at the Bruno Massa Gallery , I apply myself so that each photo is artistic.


Traveling a lot, between Reunion island, the United States, North Africa or India, I nevertheless remain attached to the French Riviera and in particular  at the city of Cannes.


Our Côte d’Azur being a magnificent and attractive region, photography becomes a real pleasure for me to tell stories taken from the heart of the movement. I invite you to check out my news on my Facebook or Instagram.


I often say, an image is a gift, a story, a given time in a life, a page mark. Should we understanding this, however, when the image has become a product of great consummation, we take, we throw, we diffuse, then one second of visibility, the image delete.


I have a high regard for the image that tells us a story. We are the witnesses, the actors, the creators of this world, we tell a story, your story, whether commercial or intimate.


I started photography with negative film, to say that I have known this job for a long time, my strength is that I manage to go from a wedding reportage, to a business reportage, to a shooting of a scoundrel in the studio, to architectural photography and to adapt to it in a few seconds, I am a professional photographer who adapts to all situations, even the most incongruous.


You can find the news of my work on my Facebook or Instagram page:


In respect of everyone, I thank you for not copying the images on my site, each image has its copyright and each character has its image rights and I ask you to respect it.


I take this opportunity to thank them for allowing me to use it.


That being said, if you are interested in an image for a communication for your company, I would be happy to discuss it and I am of course open to any discussion.


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