Food Photography


I discovered this world of French gastronomy during a show whose organizer warmly invited me, the “Gastronoma” show.


I admit I was shocked by so much creativity, colors, cubism, and composition.


They are Artists. Artists of taste, Artist of presentation, Artist of generosity.


I really believe that there is a very strong link between these two professions of photography and chef.


We share a dish; we share a photo (because a photo in a cupboard has no value)


“An image lives only if it is seen”


They seek combinations of flavors, presentation, they seek. Just like the photographer who seeks the best angle, the best light to find that famous magical moment.


They love people, human, if not for what reason would he share their dish if not for us to taste and explode our taste buds.


The photographer by his nature as a photographer is turned towards Man, towards his actions, his moments of life, towards his habitat, the Earth, the Photographer speaks of Human, a rather egocentric medium if we can say so!!


A photographer who does not love Man, humanity, has, I think, taken the wrong way.


There are many similarities between the profession of Chef and that of Photographer.


At this time in my career as a Photographer, I worked exclusively with individual’s people, portraits, studios, etc…. It was a real discovery of this world and this universe.


I approached gastronomy from different angles that came to me quite naturally.


That is 3 different angles;


You have the photos taken in the studio with extremely controlled light, precision on the flat, precision on the light, with a black or white background, of course, in agreement with the client. Quality marketing and communication.


You have the culinary photos with natural light and the setting up on the restaurant table in a natural way, all you have to do is take your car and go to the restaurant, salivate and sit down at the table, as if you were there, this type of image is used to communicate easily on social networks.


The set-up is much simpler than studio photos, of course, and much faster.


And you have the third part of my job, which is to be at the heart of production in the kitchen, dynamic and very artistic moving photography, the reportage mode that I particularly appreciate, you can also see the report on Denis Fetisson in his kitchen “la place de Mougins” about this third faces of my work.


Here I hope to have made you discover in a few words my work and my way of apprehending a photographic situation and especially the way you might need to communicate in the future.



Olivier Attar