Gastronoma Show

The Show “Gastronoma” was created and dedicated to the French Gastronomy, the greatest chefs in our area had fun showing us their recipes.

I spent 4 extraordinary days there, where passionate and generous Chefs Artists appealed to all their senses to regale us.

As a chef said on the demo set, “cooking is orgasmic”, I discovered tastes, smells and above all Men with Big Hearts.

I would like to add that after a few years as a professional photographer, I discovered a world so close to my job, I would just say three things, they are creative, researchers, and generous, I love their job.

Christophe CHIAVOLA –  Jacques CHIBOIS – La Bastide Saint Antoine – Grasse, Aurélien NOURRY – Le Millesime – Nice,

Hermance CARRO-JOPLET – Le Castellaras – Fayence, Christophe JOURDREN – L’Epicurien – La Croix Valmer, David CAHEN -Le Bouchon et Chef à Domicile – Monte Carlo,

Christophe DUFAUKeisuke MATSUSHIMA  – Nice, Didier CHOUTEAU – L’Affable – Cannes, Denis FETISSON – La Place de Mougins,

Nicolas ABLAOUI – Hell’s Kitchen, Ludovic PUZENAT – Patrick LOPEZ – Cannes, Arnaud TABAREC – Toulon –

Noëlle & David FAURE – Les Toques Brulées, Thomas MILLO – Auberge de la Madone – Peillon, David CHAUVAC – Hotel La Perousse – Nice Baie des Anges –

Basile Arnaud – le Mas Candille – Mougins, Franck CICOGNOLA – Alain MORVILLE – Compagnie du Ponant – Marseille.

To Jean Jacques DAYAN